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Waypoint Aviation has become one of the best local shops around for Beechcraft and general aviation aircraft servicing all General Aviation Airplanes including Beechcraft, Cessna and Piper.  We have held many American Bonanza Society Maintenance Academies as well as Service Clinics for Beechcraft airplanes with the help of both Bob Olsen and Robert Ripley as well as several Continental Motors representatives.  

With our new ownership here at Waypoint Aviation Services, Lucy Holbrook and Matthew LaPrade, who specialize in Beechcraft, welcome you to a place of comfort and satisfaction. Whether you want the latest and greatest upgrades to Performing annual inspections, our team is here to provide service to you with everything you need and more! 

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"Since 2019 Waypoint Aviation Services has taken new ownership, offering a new experience with the best maintenance services in Southern California."

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6873 Flight Rd. Riverside, CA 92504, USA